Recent Projects Include:


Town of Yountville


Climate Action Planning and Mitigation

BAR Sustainability aided the Town to complete two GHG inventories according to community-wide and LGO protocols, research unique emission regulatory impacts, establish baseline emissions, and adopt an emissions reduction target.  Findings were reported and presented to Town Council on behalf of Town Staff.  BAR Sustainability was also tasked to develop a strategic approach in collaboration with Town stakeholders (elected officials and planners) to determine the vision, direction and goal of the CAP process and future policy document.  

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2005 & 2010 City of St. Helena GHG Inventory

Local Government Operations and Community-wide Inventory

GHG inventories were conducted as part of the Green Communities Program funded by PG&E and administered by Association of Bay Area Governments.  Three inventories were completed according to protocols; 2010 LGO and 2005 and 2010 Community-wide inventories.  Several documents on emissions were generated and recommendations reported to city council members, planners, and the city’s climate task force.

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Marin Climate & Energy Partnership (MCEP)


Local Government Operations GHG Inventory

BAR Sustainability’s principal Brian Reyes was tasked to collect refrigerant and fuel activity data for greenhouse gas inventories for four local governments in Marin County.  These local governments are members of the Marin Climate and Energy Partnership.

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2007 – 2010 Recology Operations Inventory


Facility-wide Inventory

A GHG inventory was completed as part of a team, covering all operations.  Emissions were calculated utilizing CCAR/TCR protocols and calculators.  The team worked to report emissions onto CCARs/TCRs CARROT online reporting system ensuring consistency and in coordination with a third party GHG verifier.

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Partners in Compassion/Wat Opot Children’s Community (NGO)


Sustainable Community Development: Agriculture Training and Youth Empowerment

BAR Sustainability extends sustainability to the developing world as part of a project started by Brian Reyes entitled Changing the Course: Community | Environment | Sustainability | Arts.  We provided and continue to provide a systematic environmental and climate adaptation programs including: waste consolidation, environmental and arts education, sustainable agriculture training, surveying and monitoring, and partner development for hundreds of PIC/WOCC adults and youth living with HIV/AIDS and in extreme poverty.

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The Nile Project (NGO)


Food Sustainability & Water and Environmental Conservation Program Development

BAR Sustainability currently consults for The Nile Project. The Nile project addresses the Nile Basin’s cultural and environmental challenges using innovative approaches in music, education and an enterprise platform. BAR Sustainability will aid in developing the Food Sustainability program as well as future programs such as Waste Consolidation and Education, among others.

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2007 University of San Francisco GHG Inventory


Facility-wide Inventory

A GHG inventory was completed utilizing CA-CP Campus Carbon Calculator and according to WRI/WBCSD GHG protocols.  Emissions data were collected, calculated and rectified as part of a team.  A document summarizing emissions and recommendations were generated and presented to the university’s administrators and green team.

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2008 San Francisco Intn'l Children’s Games (SFICG) GHG Inventory


Events Inventory

A GHG inventory was completed utilizing a variety of calculators and WRI/WBCSD GHG protocols.  A document summarizing emissions, recommendations and emission reduction strategies were generated and presented to SFICG’s board and decision-makers.

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