The effective collection, analysis, reporting of data and implementation of carbon, greenhouse gas, and energy reduction strategies are key to addressing climate change.  BAR Sustainability combines essential technical services aimed at benchmarking sustainability efforts with work in strategic communication and consensus-building among local government, business, non-profit/NGO, and community stakeholders.  We provide tangible solutions to track impact, inform organizational policy and investment decisions, and implement climate action frameworks leading to a more sustainable future.



Brian A. Reyes | Founder and Principal, MS, LEED AP

Brian has over a decade of experience providing consulting and program management services in the areas of environmental planning and policy, climate action planning and mitigation,  energy consulting, resource recovery and waste programming, and transportation hauling for governments, universities, private entities and non-profits/NGOs. His work extends internationally with the planning and execution of regional to village level sustainable community development programs, which bolster disenfranchised populations in rapidly developing and climate vulnerable nations.


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